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Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield (MWHS) is a Masjid and a Community Centre. It aims to serve the needs of Muslim and indigenous community of Sheffield.

MWHS believes in widening participation seeking strong community engagement with the adherents of all faiths. Therefore, in addition to providing prayer and educational space for the Muslim community, it conducts various educational programs for the communities, which are generally open for public.

Initially established as a student organization, to serve the needs of oversea students in Britain, the institution grew significantly, both in size and in its remit. As a registered charity, MHWS works closely with other faith organizations in order to promote community cohesion and better understanding of faith amongst communities.

At MWHS five daily prayers are offered in congregation as well as congregational prayer on Friday. Friday sermon is typically delivered in English as well as Arabic. Occasionally Friday sermon is delivered in Arabic and a translation is presented in English. On average once in a month a prominent speaker is invited to delivery the Friday sermon.

Education is another area where MWHS is working actively. The Al-Hikmah school at MWHS offers basic Quranic and Islamic studies classes for children of all ages. Accommodation is offered for student at a reasonable market price. MWHS also houses a small library, which offers books on various subjects from Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and History. Books are available both in Arabic as well as in English. A small deposit may be required for borrowing books from the Library. In addition to the above, a matrimonial service is also available for those seeking suitable match.

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Coffee Morning Circle for Sisters only Physio Therapy Sessions
Al Hikmah School Kids Football Walk in the Peak District
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Preparing for Ramadan Revive 3 Tableeghi Ijtimaa
MAB Sheffield Youth WorkshopMAB Sheffield Youth Workshop Summer Camp
Summer Camp Circle for Sisters only Renovation Project
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Physio Therapy Sessions
Physio Therapy Sessions
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Renovation Project
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Walk in the Peak District
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Friday Circle
Tableeghi Ijtimaa
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Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield
10-12 Severn Road, Sheffield, S10 2SU
Telephone: +44 114 2671 969