Ramadan Preparation

MWHS is hosting a practice seminar with Dr. Rani Sl Khateeb * Ramadan Preparation * on *May 5th* at Fatima Centre. This will be an event that will showcase *Get ready for Ramadan* *In Sheffield*:

In this half day seminar we will:

  • ✔ Explore ways to make the best of Ramadan and taste its beauty and blessings.
  • ✔ Discuss ways to rebuild our connection with the Quran. The month of Ramadan is the month of the Quran.
  • ✔ Recognise the essentials of the Fiqh of Ramadan in a simplified way.

The course is open for all.

*Lunch provided*

*Venue:* Fatima Centre 105 Brunswick Road, S3 9LQ, Sheffield

*Register here:*

Local Muslims

Time & Place: 10.00 am - 16.00 pm

Fatima Community Centre - Sheffield
105 Brunswick Rd, Sheffield S3 9QL.

Registration is required to attend this event.

Lunch will be provided Insha Allah.

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