Quran Tafseer Lectures

The Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield would like to present three to four lectures on Tafsir of the Quran . The lectures are for every single individual wanting to understand the intricacies of Qur’aanic interpretation as well as the role of Qur’aan in shaping Islamic Law.

We hope by September inshallah , a compiled course will be delivered to those interested in the Tafsir course.

The course starts with very basic aspects of Qur’aanic interpretation, the Qur’aan as a source of Shari’ah , moves on to historical aspects covered and discussed in Qur’aan and the formulation of laws from the Qur’aan by the leading and authoritative jurists.

The first lecture will be on Thursday 25 April at 6:30 pm at the Muslim Welfare House.

  The lectures will be delivered by

Sheikh Mohamed Ismail
(Muslim Chaplain at Sheffield University)

Please let us know if you are interested to attend the lectures.



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