Al Hikmah Al-Hikmah school New School Year

To all Parents, current and new:

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the new school year at Al Hikmah School. I pray that you had a restful and blessed summer holiday in shaa Allah. I look forward to welcoming back our current and new pupils.

Term starts again on 16th September 2018 at 9.25 a.m. We are based at Sheffield Park Academy, Beaumont Road North, Sheffield S2 1SN. Please bring in children promptly as we will start assembly at 9.30 in Shaa Allah.

All Parents, new and current, will need to re-register their children with up to date contact information prior to the start of term. We ask that you download and print the admissions form and bring it/(or send by post or with friends) with two passport sized pictures attached on Friday, 7th September at 5-6 pm at MWHS 10-12 Severn Road. Please note, fees must also be paid by 7th September. If you require assistance with the payment of fees, please contact the head teacher or admin in the school office.

All Fee must be paid by 7th September, 2018.

Please use your child's name and T1F as reference for each child you are enrolling. Please ensure your child's name on the payment reference matches with the one on the admission form.

Fees are £75 per child per term plus book costs which can be paid by the end of September. All information about books and prices will be given to parents after 16th September, once school has started.

Bank Details:

Account No. 61802968
Sort Code 40-42-49

Ma Salaama
Head teacher

Circle for Sisters only
Kids Football
Friday Circle
Tableeghi Ijtimaa

Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield
10-12 Severn Road, Sheffield, S10 2SU
Telephone: +44 114 2671 969