Quran Memorisation Classes (for Children)

The centre also holds Quran classes for children. The classes run from Monday - Wednesday in the afternoon (5:15 - 7:15).
Attendance: Attendance and puncuality are crucial for your child to be able to accomplish their full potential. It is also vital that we teach .

Class 1: (Basic)

  • Alphabet
  • Basic Vowels
Class 2: (Intermediate)
  • Words
  • Basic Reading
  • Advanced Reading
Class 3: (Basic)
  • Quran memorisation for girls
Class 4: (Advanced)
  • Quran Memorisation for boys

N.B. We are currently unable to accept new applicants for any of the above classes. if you would like your child to be added to the waiting list or wnat more information please email siste.

Email: Headteacher 

Fees: Fees are £5 per child per week*. The Quran Memorisation School runs on a very tight budget and all must be paid promptly in advance at the begining of each week.

* If you experience any financial difficulties, please speak to me and we may be able to negotiate. This discussion will be in strictest confidence.

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