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  At Islamweb, every effort is made to be as comprehensive as possible and to encompass all aspects of Islam: Aqeedah (Islamic Belief), Qur'anic Issues, Hadeeth (Traditions of Prophet Muhammad {PBUH}), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Seerah (Prophet Muhammad's Noble Biography), typical manners of calling to Islam, unique examples of Islamic ideal conduct, stories of new converts to Islam, among many other issues.
  2. presents Islamic knowledge, resources and covers almost all aspects of islam and muslims all over the world.It has been honored with no. of awards from various reputed organizations all over the world for its efforts to portray islam to the whole world.
  The Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), Mumbai, India, promotes Islamic Da’wah - the proper presentation, understanding and appreciation of Islam, as well as removing misconceptions about Islam - amongst less aware Muslims and non-Muslims. has been originated and  supervised by Dr.Zakir Naik, the main driving spirit, behind the Islamic Research Foundation getting worldwide acclaim for the proper presentation, understanding and clarification of Islam.
  4. strives to provide you with all the information you need about Islam and its civilizations, the universe and its changes, current affairs and their analyses, and general information and services that one cannot do without in the 21st century. This site aims to present a unified and lively Islam that keeps up with modern times in all areas.
  This web site has been developed with the aim of promoting and publicizing the works of Harun Yahya, a prominent Turkish thinker and author. His books have attracted great attention both in Turkey and worldwide. In the 90's especially, the works of Harun Yahya have been a means of intellectual awakening for many Muslims, and non-Muslims alike, in the face of the illusions of the modern age. In other words, the name Harun Yahya is an invitation to the truth.
  Online Islamic Contents presents Islamic Articles,Latest about Islamic World and happenings,Conversion Stories etc.
  Abaya, Islamic Clothing from Islamic Boutique
Abaya, Islamic Clothing from Islamic Boutique Islamic Boutique sell abaya,Islamic clothing, niqab,hijab,khimar,jilbab, prayer dress, Islamic Clothing that comply with Muslim dress code.
  Aljilbab for Jilbab,Galabeya and Caftan
Al jilbab store sell Jilbab, galabeya,caftan, jelbab.
  2Hijab online store sell Abaya, Hijab pins, Hijab
Hijab online store sell abaya, hijab, under scarf,hijab pins,al amira hijab, Islamic abaya
  Source for high quality MP3 Quran
your source for high quality mp3 quran, Quran video, Mp3 Quran for memorization and online memorization.
  A journey through traditional learning
Learn Arabic & Islam - Arabic Courses - Online Lessons in Islam.
  Quran in different languages
The world's largest quran portal.
  Adhan is now 5 times a day on your mobile
You can be warned either with original athan time or a melody of your choice 5 times a day on athan times according to your location with our unique Mobile Athan Time application.
  Online Quran Reciter, Technology serving Quran and Believers
Completely redesigned interface with New scan of the entire Quran with larger from six recitations,Four Tafseer books and Six Translations.
  Translation of Holy Quran in Many Languages and More
Search Truth is a non-profit organization aimed at utilizing the latest technologies available in order to spread the Word of Allah and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to as large an audience as possible.

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