Job Opportunities

The Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield, known as Abu-Huraira Masjid, occupies nos. 8, 10 and 12 Severn Road in the Broomhill area of Sheffield. The Muslims using the Masjid are from different nationalities; 43 at the last count. The large number of the worshippers are students and staff from the University of Sheffield. A small but diverse local community of Muslims both male and female, use the premises. The praying facilities cover the ground floor of no. 10 and 12, with accommodation on the floors above, and no. 8 is mainly used for residential purposes.

The MWHS Committee is inviting applications from suitable candidates for the following positions:

  • Executive Manager
  • Imam

Circle for Sisters only
Kids Football
Friday Circle
Tableeghi Ijtimaa

Muslim Welfare House of Sheffield
10-12 Severn Road, Sheffield, S10 2SU
Telephone: +44 114 2671 969